How Frequently Do I Need Air Conditioning Service?

According to the experts even if an air conditioner is in the best of heath and running at its peak efficiency to deliver ultimate cooling levels, it is better to get it serviced once a year. These tune-ups help the machine to maintain its efficiency. A well maintained unit will consume less of energy and you have to pay lesser for monthly utility bills. An air conditioner is a mechanical device after all. It can develop defects now and then. If these are left undetected they will blow out of proportion and cause the machine to break down prematurely. These annual servicing helps in checking the parts and ensuring they are functioning properly.

A yearly tune-up leads to clean-up of the system.

An AC tends to gather lot of dirt and dust in critical areas such as the air filters and the condensing coils. This can largely affect its efficiency. The efficiency can get compromised by 5 %. As result you will not enjoy good cooling levels and pay more for the sub-standard output. The service provider would wash the condenser of the air conditioner that saves it from usual malfunctions.

If you have a HVAC unit, then the air conditioner would be serviced one a year during spring that is before summer signs in. The furnace is serviced in the fall time, before winter sets in. Some service providers will propose more than two visits per year for your HVAC. Thys will charge more for it. Do not go for them as they are not required. They are just gimmicks to extort money. Have an annual maintenance contract for you air conditioner that will save you headaches of calling technicians. The technician on the other end will visit you according to the routine with you having to book an appointment. Expect to pay between $100 and $150 per year for servicing.

Annual servicing of the air conditioner by a licensed expert can cut down 15% on monthly power bill. Replacing a unit because of premature breakdown will cost several thousands of dollars more.





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