Benefits Of Geothermal Heating And Cooling

Can you think of a heating and cooling system that will keep you cool during the summers and warm during the winters and lower your electricity bills considerably? Even if you cannot think of one, there is such a system that could be a great heating and cooling solution for your home. It is the geothermal heating and cooling. Besides taking care of the users, geothermal heating and cooling is also known to take care of planet earth. This means the carbon footprint caused due to geothermal heating and cooling is almost negligible.

Some of the prominent advantages of geothermal heating and cooling are the following:

First of all it lowers utility bills. It has been seen that geothermal heating and cooling saves a considerable amount of energy when compared to gas, oil or other kinds of heat pumps. Moreover, if you have a geothermal heating and cooling system installed in your home it can function as a water heater as well, thus saving on the hot water costs. The geothermal systems use far less electricity to transfer heat to and from the ground. The result is a great savings in electricity.

When compared with an air source heat pump, a geothermal heating and cooling system performs better. This is because the air source heat pumps depend on the outside air. When the outside air is hot during the summer it becomes difficult to cool your homes, the outside air being the source of the coolness and vice versa. While in case of geothermal heating and cooling, there is no such problem because the ground temperature remains more or less constant.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are a lot more durable than the traditional heating and cooling systems. This is because they have lesser mechanical features and so the chances of malfunctioning are comparatively lesser. Another advantage of geothermal systems is that as they have an underground loop that is buried inside the ground and the result is that these systems are easily protected from the vagaries of vandalism.

As far as the maintenance of geothermal heating and cooling is concerned, it can be said that they are almost maintenance free. This is because the mechanical components of the system which are installed in the actual living space are easy to access which in turn makes the maintenance process simpler.

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are considered highly environment friendly. The reason in case of geothermal heating and cooling there is no combustion of any kind of fuel and so there is almost no carbon footprint.

With geothermal systems you can expect round the year temperature control. This is because geothermal systems depend on duct work to evenly distribute air throughout the home. Unlike forced-air units where you can experience blasts of air suddenly, in geothermal systems you can always expect a temperature-regulated air. Geothermal units are also known to control the humidity within your homes naturally.

Geothermal unit has a quiet operation as it follows the same principle that is used in a freezer or a refrigerator and the result is you stay comfortable indoors without getting disturbed with a jarring noise.



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