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Air Conditioning near Valencia

It is important for a company to remember its roots. We are often times asked what part of California we service the most – the answer, however, might shock you. We are actually based in Saugus California, and got our start servicing Valencia and surrounding areas. If you’re new to ASM, this may seem neither here nor there, but for those of you who have been with us for a while, the idea of a high-end company primarily servicing and installing commercial HVAC units sounds more like an LA thing than a Valencia endeavor. Sure enough, we weren’t always in the commercial HVAC business, and actually got our start as many small air conditioning companies do – servicing residential HVAC units in and around Valencia, California.

Why Air Conditioning near Valencia?

So, why am I writing about air conditioning near Valencia? Well, the answer is quite simple. Many of our customers were so happy with our work (some dating back to before we were officially ASM as we now know it).  They call up and ask us if we still work on small residential projects in Valencia.

In short, this post serves one purpose – the answer is yes – we haven’t forgotten our Valencia roots and take a great deal of pride in servicing commercial AND residential air conditioning near Valencia. In fact, prior to officially starting ASM Air Conditioning and Heating, we were a small group of veterans who lived in, repaired and installed air conditioning near Valencia only. Even today, we pay our thanks and take pride in our work and in our community. Valencia helped us get our start, and is one of the reasons we are so successful today.

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As a thanks to our loyal customers who have used ASM air conditioning near Valencia, please mention this article when you call ASM for an additional discount – and thank you for your years of support, Valencia.

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